Jolastoki Restaurant is currently run by the third generation of Arana family.

  • En 1921, Bixenta (Sabin´s grandmother) opens on the Avenida de los Chopos a typical picnic place called Jolastoki.
  • In 1953, Sabin´s father, also called Sabin, makes a great enhancement and enlargement of the place transforming it in a restaurant.
  • In 1961 with his wife Begoña Beaskoetxea, from Txakoli Artebakarra, begin to give the restaurant a category that will set as a reference in the Biscayan cuisine.
  • In 1984 they move to a Basque style villa located 300 meters from the old site. They make a renovation integrated into the structure of the house.
  • In 1995 open Taberna 94, where Menu of the Day is served, and the winter garden with a special menu.
  • In 1997 Sabin dies and the third generation assumed direction with years of experience (in 1998 Itxaso and Sabin (Jr) were chosen Young Kitchen Values in Spain). Itxaso Arana, Sabin Arana (son) and his wife Arantza Bengoa. Sabin made ​​several culinary practices in different restaurants and continue cooking with chefs from different places (from Milan, Naples, Miami, New York, Boisse, Amsterdam …). He es also founding member of the Chefs Association of Biscay ¨Geugaz jan¨.
  •  Over the years 2001 y 2002 it undertakes a profound renewal. They incorporate the most innovative culinary technology and reform the dining room and the terrace.

The seasonal cuisine has always been present in Jolastoki, transforming raw materials of each station in elaborate meals.


Beaskoetxea Begoña’s work has been recognized with several awards, including:

  • Award for Best hotel trade Businesswoman
  • Gastronomy Award for Best Maitre
  • Itxaso Arana is considered the 1st woman sommelier in Euskadi and get the first prize in the Bizkaia Sommelier Championship in 1997.
  • In 2003 she obtained the “Golden Nose” trophy in Madrid. She is one of the founding members of the Association of Sommeliers of Biscay. In the restaurant she occupies the position of Prime Maitre and Sommelier. She also imparts teaching courses and conferences tasting the wine world.

Commintment to Getxo

Jolastoki has been very involved in the life of Getxo, participating in numerous activities: Hot chocolate Night of San Juan, in St. Agatha and Christmas.

It participates in various activities to promote the town: pintxos contest, Christmas window contest (2012 virtual showroom prize), belonging to the Tourist Quality Commitment project…